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Welcome to Dial Industry 2017

A searchable buyers guide of electrical suppliers providing you with:

  • A fast, reliable source of information on products and services in the electronics industry, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A comprehensive site with over 22,500 UK suppliers details listed
  • A keyword search facility for sourcing any of the 21,900 product & services listed
  • Smart search indexing to ensure the results you get are relevant no matter how you search - by product, company name, trade name, town, street or postcode
  • Enhanced company information with full contact details, additional information on products and direct links to a number of company websites and product catalogues
  • A link to www.electronicsweekly.com for daily news, new products, an extensive recruitment and careers section and a broad portfolio of electronics research and profiles.

Hot air hand placement machine, for use on surface mount components in the event that conventional pick and place methods do not apply.

If you’re thinking WOW I haven’t finished yet, at the customers request we also deliver to any destination within the mainland UK. So there is no more waiting around for deliveries at home getting bored, we can deliver to you whilst you’re at work and we offer all of this in the price.

We can also boast one of the most efficient next day services. When a customer orders a product under 15kg it will be dispatched on a next day service at no extra charge to the customer. This means that you can have a product in under 24hrs at no extra charge.

Electronic Design
Including Embedded software

If Digital didn’t have any customers then Digital wouldn’t be, so we feel that the customer is apart of Digital so we have trained all sales staff to deal with customer query's and even have our own technical department so that we can help resolve customer problems quickly, professionally and efficiently. Our sales team are dedicated to the cause and work seven days a week to help us help you.

Electrical Design
P.C.B Layout
Mechanical Design
Product Design
All design carried out to the requirements of ISO 9001

AP1 Battery Holder:
• Retains 4 AA alkaline batteries inside battery compartment of flash units and pistol grip
• Replacement item for original holder included with flash unit

We at Digital don’t want the customer to worry so we ensure that all products which are in stock will be dispatched and with the customer within three working days. This means that if you order a TV on Monday you can be watching it by Thursday and enjoying all of the soaps by Friday.

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5th July 2017

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This is a database of products, services and companies.

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